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Videa Škoda Citigo recenze

The Citigo is among the most compact yet roomiest representatives of the subcompact class. Especially noteworthy is its precise, authentic and attractive design, which endows it with a distinctive character. It is the first ŠKODA model to bear the brand's new logo and impresses with its clear proportions, lines and surfaces. Among its ingenious features in keeping with the brand's 'Simply Clever' slogan are the photo and document holder, the glove compartment's integrated bag hook or the range of nets to hold loose objects. The Citigo is big on safety. Its exemplary safety concept won it the maximum score of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, together with the VW up! and the SEAT Mii. New three-cylinder petrol engines with a displacement of one litre and two power variants (44 kW/60 PS and 55 kW/75 PS) make the new car nimble and efficient. Its most fuel-thrifty Green tec variant consumes a mere 4,1 l/100 km. The Green tec version's CO2-emissions are only 96 g/km.


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