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2011 Skoda Fabia RS

Škoda Auto has a long-standing association with motor sport. From its earliest years, competition cars from Mladá Boleslav have been winning on the world's racing circuits and rally stages. The latest RS road cars carry on this sporting tradition, which gives the second-generation Škoda Fabia RS a head start on the competition. And now for the first time there are two RS versions in the Škoda Fabia range: both hatchback and estate bodystyles continue the RS range's renowned combination of sporty performance with exceptional fuel efficiency and environmental-friendliness. Both versions of the new Škoda Fabia RS are unmistakable thanks to their unique front bumpers with integrated fog lamps, which can also be equipped as a option with a cornering light function or LED daytime running lights. The RS symbol sits proudly within the grille's chromed frame, while red-painted brake callipers hint at their performance potential from behind the spokes of bespoke 17-inch 'Gigaro' aluminium wheels. As well as tinted windows, the rear sports a new bumper design and a dual-pipe exhaust. The roof and the rear spoiler of the hatchback are available in black, white and silver on request and depending on the car's body colour. The roof spoiler on both hatchback and estate versions increases downforce at higher speeds which, when combined with the uprated running gear and performance-orientated electronic driver aids - ESP, ABS, TCS, TPM and HHC - gives the Škoda Fabia RS safe and agile ...

Skoda Fabia RS



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