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2011 Skoda Roomster Scoutt

The new Škoda Fabia Scout adds another model to the ruggedly attractive range of off-road-inspired editions. Following on from the Škoda Fabia Combi Scout and the Škoda Roomster Scout, which have so far proved hugely popular in the small car and compact class, the hatchback version of the Škoda Fabia Scout now also benefits from their unmistakable style. It fulfils the consumer demand for low-priced, individual mobility and, of course, all three models, benefit from the new, fresh face of the Fabia series and its numerous technical improvements. In recent years the Scout versions have developed into a well-established part of the model range. The Škoda Fabia Scout rounds off the lower end of the range by appealing to customers who may not need the increased loading capacity of the Škoda Fabia Combi Scout or Škoda Roomster Scout, but who nevertheless want to enjoy the benefits of the strong, rugged looks of a Scout version. As with previous Scout models, the Škoda Fabia will help significantly to add emotion to the brand as well appeal to those who are looking for something that little bit different. Excellent value for money, reliability and its attractive looks are also well-known virtues of the Škoda brand, all of which can be found in the Škoda Fabia Scout.

Skoda Roomster Scout



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