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Videa Škoda Rapid 2013 Škoda Rapid - Trailer

2013 Škoda Rapid - Trailer

Škoda is resolutely pursuing its model offensive, presenting its new compact saloon, the Škoda Rapid, just a few months after the introduction of the Škoda Citigo subcompact. The brand's most recent addition is to play a central role in the company's 2018 growth strategy and will be phased in on European markets from the autumn of 2012. The Škoda Rapid impresses with lots of room, an expressive design, an excellent price-value ratio, a comprehensive safety offering and efficient engines. "This is a model which sets benchmarks in the compact saloon segment. The Škoda Rapid is a roomy, elegant and at the same time an affordable car for the whole family, impressing with clever solutions, cutting-edge technology and high economy. In short, it is a car permitting mobility in a comfortable, reasonably priced and environmentally friendly package. The right car at the right time," says Škoda CEO Winfried Vahland. "The launch of the Škoda Rapid means we are firing the next stage of Škoda's model offensive. The Rapid has a central importance for our global growth strategy and will provide us with added momentum on international markets," says CEO Vahland. The Škoda Rapid will be built at Škoda's main plant in Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic. A country-specific version of the Škoda Rapid will be built and sold in China, respectively, from 2013

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