Video - 5 old Skoda's to Luxembourg!

Videa Škoda 105 5 old Skoda's to Luxembourg!

5 old Skoda's to Luxembourg!

A fairly long time ago someone sprouted the idea to drive our Skoda 105's to Luxembourg. Not as far as the Czech Republic, but still a huge undertaking for 5 little 1000cc rearengined Skoda's in hilly terrain. And so we did it this year! Very low budget offcourse, just driving there with lots of spare parts, touring around (petrol was waaay cheaper there!), and having fun. I can't stuff all of it in just 10 minutes, but here's an overall impression of our trip. Needless to say we didn't need all the spare parts we brought, and had virtually no mechanical troubles on our journey! Update: Unfortunately this video isn't watchable in Germany, because I 'stole' music for my video. Apparently some huge-ass music company's think they're going to miss sales because little me is putting some (incomplete and non-downloadable) music-fragments under a few pictures on YouTube. Like people don't know I didn't make the music myself. They're idiots, but what can you do?

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