Video - All DayZ Vehicles (Part 2)

Videa Škoda Pick-up All DayZ Vehicles (Part 2)

All DayZ Vehicles (Part 2)

Part 1 of the full demonstration of all the vehicles featured in DayZ. Vehicles included in part 2: S1203 (Skoda Van), Old Pickup (Datsun), Offroad Pickup (Hilux), UAZ, Military Offroad, Tractor. NOTE: This displays all vehicles in fully restored. Each vehicle is found in a different condition. Most will need a full repair job done on them, so you'll need parts before you can drive them. On rare occasions, vehicles will spawn with full health, but typically all vehicles need fuel first. TIPS: Get a friend to help you gather parts before finding a vehicle. You'll need a minimum of 40 slots of space to restore a car fully: 4 tires (6 slots each), engine parts (6 slots), fuel tank parts (4 slots), scrap metal (3 slots), and a full jerry can (3 slots). If you don't know anyone that plays DayZ, get as many parts as you can hold without compromising your fighting ability. When you've located a vehicle, repair it as fast as possible, but also keep a lookout; you're not the only one looking for them. The Helicopter requires a Main Rotor Assembly (6 slots), engine parts, and 3 scrap metals to get airworthy. It is highly recommended that you also repair the glass on all your vehicles. It provides protection from gunfire and allows you to see more easily in the case of the helicopter.



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