Video - Crash Test 2001 - 2004 Volkswagen Passat (Frontal Test) EuroNcap

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Crash Test 2001 - 2004 Volkswagen Passat (Frontal Test) EuroNcap

Comments The Passat's strong passenger cell provides a safe survival space. In the side impact, a car fitted with the optional head protection airbag earned full marks (see right). The area that the drivers knees might hit in the frontal impact included hard areas that could cause serious injuries. The bonnets leading edge proved friendlier to pedestrians than those of many competitors. Front impact The drivers head almost rolled off the airbag and then hit the waist rail of the door as it rebounded. Although the car lost no points for this, it did because his chest hit the steering wheel. Otherwise the restraint systems protected well. Hard points behind the facia threatened the drivers knees and upper legs, however. The centre rear lap belt offered less protection than a three-point belt, which was optional Euro NCAP believes it should be standard. Side impact The Passats performance was impressive. The head airbag worked well and provided equal protection for front and rear seat occupants. VW paid for a pole test to assess the optional head-protection curtain. It is a shame that this is not standard equipment. Child-protection A passenger airbag is standard and VW needs to take seriously the risk of serious injury or death to children in rear-facing restraints fitted to an adjacent seat. Neither a pictogram (which was hard to understand) nor a peel-off label on the screen warned of the risks if the advice they gave was ignored. VW-branded Romer Prince Bobsy G1 ...


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