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drive it!: The Motor Magazine

Plenty of room and low mileage: Skodas Fabia Station Wagon and Renaults Clio Grandtour. Which of these small vans will win your heart? Ecologically mobile: The Norwegian electric car Think shows the way Mini E and E-Smart are right behind. Their being developed at high speedtest it! Citroën C-CrosserFrom the outside,Citroën's C-Crosser combines the understated elegance of an up-market luxury car with the stance of an SUV. But appearances can be deceiving. drive it! put the C-Crosser through its paces to see what the car can do. It's available with a 170 horsepower gasoline engine coupled with a 5-speed transmission,or a 156 horsepower diesel with a 6-speed transmision. Both versions come with electronically-activated all-wheel drive that assures excellent traction in most conditions. Prices in Germany start at 31750 it! Skoda Fabia Kombi - Renault Clio GrandtourThe Skoda Fabia Combi and the Renault Clio Grandtour: Two compact station wagons that offer plenty of space and fuel-efficient engines. Both cars are about 4.2 meters long,or a good 10 centimeters shorter than the VW Golf. They offer plenty of luggage space,though the Skoda is a little bit bigger. The Renault,on the other hand,handles better. Both come with 4 airbags as standard equipment and both offer stability control as a 300-euro option. picture it! Green CarsWhile there is growing interest in the potential that electric cars may offer,a small company in Norway is actually selling them -- with ...

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