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drive it!: The Motor Magazine

It's big and slick! The new Skoda Superb! A sedan for discerning tastes... Stylish and cool - The new Mercedes CLC. The sports coupe post facelift! present it! The Skoda Superb The Skoda Superb celebrated its world premier at the Geneva Motor Show. The first test drives show the Czech carmaker's biggest car will be a welcome addition to the mid-sized segment, with its more than ample room in the passenger compartment and a trunk with more than 1670 liters of space. At the touch of a button, Twindoor turns the rear into a hatchback, making it easier to load bulky items. The Superb also features newly designed headlights and taillights. The interior is well arranged, providing some convenient new amenities.taste it! The New Ford Focus CC If you want to feel the wind rushing through your hair in a Ford, you'll do it in the Focus CC this year. The latest model has a redesigned front end, with trapezoidal headlights and a contoured hood. Ford calls this Kinetic Design, and the new concept is applied to the S-Max and Mondeo as well. The CC's top takes only 29 seconds to open, but you'll need to stop for putting it up or down. And just in case you don't want too much wind, the windshield stretches far to the rear, still providing passengers with that convertible feeling, but without the messy hair!spot it! The World's Lowest Low-Rider: the Flat Out Andy Saunders from Poole, England is the unspoken King of Custom Cars in Britain. His record-breaking creation is called the Flat ...

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