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Videa Škoda Popular Foxtrott aus Berlin (1933) - Tanz-Orchester Will Glahé

Foxtrott aus Berlin (1933) - Tanz-Orchester Will Glahé

Du brauchst bei mir nur anzurufen, Foxtrot (Kirchstein) - Orchester Will Glahé, Electrola 1933 --------------------------------- Will Glahé b: 1902, Elberfeld, Germany. d:1989, Rheinbreitbach bei Bad Honnef -- German bandleader, accordionist, pianist. In 1920s Glahé worked as a pianist in various Cologne cafes and silent movie cinemas while studying at the Cologne Conservatory. In 1929, in Berlin, he became the pianist in the famous Dajos Béla dance orchestra. In 1932, he formed his own orchestra for a residency at the Delphi Palace and from the turn of 1935/36 he started his contract with Haus Vaterland Tanz-Palast. His orchestra ( Will Glahé Tanz-Orchester, or Will Glahé Harmonika-Orchester) has since recorded hundreds of sides, mostly for Electrola and Columbia labels. Curiously, he is better known as an accordionist and not as a pianist. Among hundreds of popular songs he performed, his greatest hit remains the million-seller „Rosamunde" (Beer Barrell Polka) (1938) -- the song written in 1934 as "Skoda Lasky" ("Lost Love") by Czech writers Jaromir Vojvoda and Vasek Zeman. (The English lyric was written in 1934 by Lew Brown) This enormous success Glahé immediately followed with another accordion-schlager tune: "Hot Pretzels". After the end of World War II, he found world-wide success as an interpreter of "Easy Listening" music, receiving 17 Golden records. See:

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