Video - ItaliaspeedTV - EuroNCAP Crash Test: Fiat Panda (4 Stars)

Videa Škoda Standard ItaliaspeedTV - EuroNCAP Crash Test: Fiat Panda (4 Stars)

ItaliaspeedTV - EuroNCAP Crash Test: Fiat Panda (4 Stars)

The Fiat Panda only secured four out of the possible five stars in its EuroNCAP crash testing, losing the final rating point for not being fitted with Electronic stability control as standard, although this technology becomes mandatory from next year. In the EuroNCAP tests the new Panda, which debuted at September's Frankfurt IAA Motor Show, scored 30 points (82 percent) for in the adult occupancy test, 31 points (63 percent) for the child occupancy test, 18 points (49 percent) in the Pedestrian impact test and 3 points (43 percent) for safety assist. The model tested was the 1.2 Easy LHD. However it was in not having ESC fitted as a standard feature that sunk the Panda's challenge to grab the all-important 5-stars, and EuroNCAP was critical in its assessment of this feature, sharply contrasting its omission as standard with its rival, VW's new UP! "The Fiat Panda lost a star as it is not fitted with ESC as standard, despite the technology becoming mandatory in 2012," wrote EuroNCAP in its summary. "By contrast, VW ensured very high standard availability of ESC on the up!, securing a five star rating for that car and its cousins, the Seat Mii and the Skoda Citigo."

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