Video - Marholm & Peterborough, 19/2/10

Videa Škoda 125 Marholm & Peterborough, 19/2/10

Marholm & Peterborough, 19/2/10

A great meet at Marholm footbridge near Peterborough aswell as the station at Peterborough. Here we see many different workings including XC HST 43301 working for East coast. Many other EC hst's and 91's were sighted aswell as the usual freight hauled by class 66's. Also a mix of units with XC 170's, EMT 158's and GC and Hull trains 180's. Freight seen on the day was... 1. 66xxx on 6E84 Middleton Towers to Barnby Dun 2. 66171 on 6L40 Mountsorrel to Kennet 3. 66xxx on God knows what? 4. 66147 on 4L45 Wakefield to Felixstowe 5. 66527 on 6M14 Harlow Mill to Bardon Hill 6. 66714 on 6L24 Mountsorrel to Whitemoor VQ 7. 66713 on 4E19 Mountfield to West Burton 8. 66204 on 4E32 Dollands Moor to Scunthorpe

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