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Offroad Racing

My bachelor project at Czech Technical University from year 2006. It's a simple linux game written in C++ (using SDL library) based on my own physics engine (spring systems and rigid body dynamic simulation) and large terrain rendering (heightmap has 2550x2550 pixels) imported from OpenTTD game. Collision detection is ensured by space grid subdivision and bounding sphere hierarchies. Collision response uses damping force method. Tyre simulation is based on simplified Pacejka's method. Physics engine calculates transfer of forces from vehicle engine through clutch and gearbox to wheels. Renderer uses OpenGL and GLSL shaders. More details and download at my web pages: .

c++, opengl, glsl, shaders, sdl, physics, engine, game, linux, rendering, terrain, rigid body, bounding sphere hierarchies, collision detection, heightmap, tyre simulation, Pacejka, bachelor thesis, czech technical university, cvut, openttd, karosa, skoda



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