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Videa Škoda Popular Saisonens Pletskud. Teddy Petersen. Copenhagen 1939.wmv

Saisonens Pletskud. Teddy Petersen. Copenhagen 1939.wmv

Saisonens Pletskud. 1+2. ( Hits of the Season). Teddy Petersen og hans Orkester. Vocal: Valdemar Davids. Polyphon XS 50746 A+B Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark 1939. Part 1: 1: Giv mig Dit Hjerte, Maria. (Tango). 2: Didelidelum didelidelej. (Foxtrot). 3: Hele Verden nynner. (Waltz). 4: Kun for Dig - "J'attendrai". (Slow-fox). Part 2: 1: Signorina. (Rumba). 2: Bel Ami. (Foxtror). 3: Boomps-a-Daisy. (Waltz). 4: Hvor er min Kone? - "Beer Barrel Polka" - "Rosamunde" - "Böhmische Polka". (Polka-Foxtrot). Teddy Petersen (1892-1991) was the most beloved Danish band leader from 1920'ies to 1950'ies. From 1932, his orchestra was playing in the Copenhagen restaurant Wiwex ( Wiwel ). Teddy Petersen was very popular, and still remembered by the older generation in Denmark, from the daily radio broadcasts with the lunch music, and also Dance Music in the evenings. After Wiwex burned in 1946, Teddy Petersen was connected to Denmarks Radio, where he was conducting old style Dance Music almost every Sunday afternoon until he was retired in 1987, aged 95! Teddy Petersen and Valdemar Davids, were some of the greatest Danish victrola stars during the 78rpm Era. On this 1939 recording, Teddy Petersen and His Orchestra is performing some of the most popular dance melodies in Denmark during summer 1939. The vocalist is Valdemar Davids (1900-1964), one of the most popular Danish vocalists from 1920-50'ies.

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