Video - Sentinel Steam Bus in Whitby part 6

Videa Škoda Sentinel Sentinel Steam Bus in Whitby part 6

Sentinel Steam Bus in Whitby part 6

Elizabeth storms up The Khyber Pass then along towards the West Cliff, with added smoke effect for the camera. This video was taken in Whitby on 16th February 2010 and it shows Elizabeth; a six wheeled Sentinel steam bus. Elizabeth was built in 1931 and has seen various uses in its 79 year life including goods transport and tar spraying. Later, the present owner, Vernon Smith converted Elizabeth from a wagon to a bus and after many trials and a change in the law, Elizabeth is now the Great Britain's only regular steam-powered bus service carrying fare-paying passengers on public roads. Vernon, the driver and Viv decided to use Elizabeth for tourist trips around Whitby. If you wish to know more about Elizabeth and the trips around Whitby contact Vernon Smith, the owner of Elizabeth by phone on 07904252935.or by e-mail at:-

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