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Vehicle Length 10700 mm Vehicle width 2500 mm Vehicle height 3300 mm Wheelbase 5200 mm Weight of empty vehicle 9960 mm Number of seats / standing 20/47 Type of traction motor 2943 AL RN Performance (hourly) 110 kW Represents a series of car numbers 27 to 47 Year 1958 Manufacturer: Racing Lenin NC Electrical Factory Doudlevce, Plzen-Doudlevce Serial Number: 302/358 This original Skoda trolleybus No. 8 Tr 29 is unfortunately unable to keep (1979) After a short stay of six trolleybuses Škoda 7 Tr vystřídaných in 1953, twenty kapacitnějšími tatrovkami T 400/IIIA was fleet Ostrava trolley traffic on the turn of the fifties and sixties replenished again Škoda vehicles, and more modern type 8 Tr. Total to Ostrava in the years 1958 to 1961 delivered 21 of these trolleys. It is interesting that the increase in capacity was in Ostrava in the years 1961 to 1963 operated on the line 55 also has three sets of these cars with trailers Karosa B 40th Some Ostrava "eights" underwent extensive modernization agenda, in which the components used in electrical traction equipment 9 Tr cars or rear axles of the same type. Further adjustments brought a gradual transition to jednoslužný operation or later introduction of mechanized handling of passengers. Among other things, thanks to these upgrades, Ostrava was the last town of the former Czechoslovakia, where cars were type 8 Tr kept in operation. The last of them, car No. 3040 (formerly No. 40), was eliminated after twenty years of service in ...

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