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Skoda Citigo Review - XCAR

How many cheerleaders can you stuff into a Skoda Citigo? The Skoda Citigo is an award winning car. It's small, light, spacious, fun to drive and cheap to buy. You can even have one that can drive in and out of London's Congestion Charge zone for free. So, the diddy Citigo is an ideal car for many people, then - Cheap people, young families, people who only need something for short trips, students, young people, Skoda enthusiasts and, of course, people who honestly don't care about their car. Don't get me wrong, the Citigo is a brilliant car, but Skoda's brand image isn't up there with sister company VW, is it? While Skoda has mostly shed its second-rate image, some people still laugh at the mere mention of the name. What the brand's detractors don't, and probably won't, know is that the Citigo is one of a trio. A VW Group triplet, if you will. Its architecture is shared with the Volkswagen up! (a grammatical nightmare), which is meant for people who like to have the VW badge on their drives; and the SEAT Mii, a car which Nintendo may have some name issues with and is aimed at young buyers and 'the young at heart'. Anyway, the car(s) is really, really good. It handles incredibly well and makes the likes of the Toyota Aygo et al look very outdated indeed. Its engine note is pretty cool under load and it looks pretty sweet, too. Also, as I mention in the film there's three things you'll hear in every road test for the Citigo -- 1) It sounds like half a Porsche 911. No, it ...


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