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Skoda Fabia VRS Mean Green Ad

As Škoda enjoys its strongest year on record, the car manufacturer is launching a new multi-million pound national marketing campaign for the Fabia vRS. The 12-week campaign, which was bought and planned by MediaCom, is centred around a 60 second TV commercial and will see Škoda unveiling a 'meaner' side for the high-performance Fabia vRS. The new advert will feature a 'Made of Meaner Stuff' strapline -- a darker twist on the Fabia's 'Made of Lovely Stuff' proposition which was made famous by the 2007 Fabia 'Cake' commercial. Škoda kick-starts the campaign on 1 November with two versions of the advert -- a 30 second commercial will be aired between cult shows such as 'Takeshi's Castle', while the full 60 second advert will go live on mainstream channels including ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and various Sky channels. The new campaign also includes national, consumer lifestyle, sports and motoring print advertising as well as a significant schedule of cinema advertising, PR, online, digital and social media activity. Filmed in Škoda's native Czech Republic, the advert opens with a shot of a television screen playing the original famous 'Cake' ad. The 'lovely' bakers are, however, soon replaced as the story unfolds to reveal a much tougher, darker and more technologically-enhanced production team who are creating the 'meaner' Fabia vRS. The 'meaner' campaign is the brainchild of Škoda and leading advertising agency, Fallon, and sees the original 'Cake' creative directors Chris ...

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