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Skoda Octavia 1.9D (2007)

The second generation was introduced in 2004 based on the Volkswagen Group A5 (PQ35) platform also used by other Volkswagen Group cars, including the Audi A3 II, VW Golf Mk5, VW Jetta Mk5, SEAT León II, SEAT Altea, VW Golf Plus, VW Touran and VW Tiguan. Along with a new engine range, also shared with other models of the Volkswagen Group, body changes included more legroom for rear seat passengers (a weak point in the original model) and increased ground clearance at front and rear to reduce the risk of grounding on steep ramps or facing kerbs. In addition to the Czech factory in Mladá Boleslav, from 2008 the Octavia has also been produced at a factory in Bratislava, Slovakia [2], as well as Shanghai (under the joint venture of Shanghai Volkswagen) [3]. In India, the second-generation Octavia is marketed as the Laura to distinguish it from the first generation.[4] There are two four-wheel drive versions of the Octavia - the 4x4 and the Scout, both featuring a Haldex Traction four-wheel drive system, based on a computer-controlled clutch centre coupling. The two models both have higher ground clearance than the standard Octavia - increased by 24 mm (0.9 in) for the 4x4 and 40 mm (1.6 in) for the Scout. The Scout (announced 2006 [5]) is only available with the estate body style and has some SUV crossover style exterior modifications such as larger bumpers.

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