Video - Skoda Octavia Tour II 1.6 MPI (The new Octavia Tour)

Videa Škoda Octavia I Skoda Octavia Tour II 1.6 MPI (The new Octavia Tour)

Skoda Octavia Tour II 1.6 MPI (The new Octavia Tour)

Today, I would like to present you the new-old Skoda Octavia. It's new, since it's called the New Octavia Tour, but still- it's old, because it is Skoda Octavia II before facelifting. Generally, it is brought to life after few years of being forgotten and after the First generation Octavia got retired. As you can see, it's a bit messed up :) If you are looking for some horny engines under New Tour's bonnet, you'll be dissappointed, because there are only two engines, that drink petrol. Their cubic capacity is not huge, as well as power and torque. In this short movie, I was driving the stronger one, which is 1.6 MPI 102 BHP (second is 1.4 MPI 80 BHP). This engine is technically old and not very strong, but it is flexible and simple in construction and also durable. To sum up, this is an acceleration attempt from 0 to 100 km/h. You will hear little burnout at the begining, it's because the car was equipped with winter tyres, so they are soft. I turned the ASR off intentionally, since I do not like the power drop while accelerating. The temperature was about -5 Celsius degrees.

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