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Skoda Rapid Skoda Rapid has been launched toady during a grand function at a deluxe venue in the capital. The most awaited information ie Skoda Rapid price is Rs 6.75 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) for the base variant-Skoda Rapid Active. However, the other two trims Skoda Rapid Ambition (Rs 7.09 lakh) and the top-end Skoda Rapid Elegance (Rs 7.99 lakh) are also decently priced. However the diesel versions are tad more costly and start from Rs 7.95 lakh to Rs 9.19 lakh. All the three trims are available in both petrol and diesel guise and customers can pick their choice. As said a hundred times before, the new car Rapid inherits the DNA from VW Vento, continuing the tradition of Skoda copying its parent company ie Volkswagen's car. However, the Skoda Rapid price is deliberately kept under Volkswagen Vento. Also the Skoda badge and slightly different fascia with Fabia looks are the factors that mark the distinction from sister Vento. Skoda India is likely to benefit substantially from the low production costs as Rapid shares the platform with Vento and thus most of the components are shared between Skoda and its parent company Volkswagen.

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