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Videa Škoda Rapid Skoda Rapid 2012: A Hatchback? - AutoPressWeekly

Skoda Rapid 2012: A Hatchback? - AutoPressWeekly

"What might surprise you is that, although the Rapid looks like a saloon, it's actually a hatchback, with the emphasis on space as much as it is on low prices." (whatcar?) "From the Skoda badge on its sleek nose sitting atop the familiar Skoda grille, sharp creases flow away up the bonnet. Narrow headlamps that help give the Rapid the appearance of width, are joined by a strong beltline down the car's flanks." (caradvice) "However, what the cabin also demonstrates is that there's a difference between being cost-conscious and feeling cheap, because -- despite the wide use of hard black plastic, occasionally flimsy/flexible materials and odds and sods from other VW Group models -- the last thing the Rapid looks and feels is cheap." (whatcar?) "The little notchback makes the Rapid look like a saloon but it's actually a very practical hatch, with 550 to 1490 litres of luggage space depending on what you do with the rear seats." (autocar) "Body control, is surprisingly good considering the Rapid has no sporting connotations, with predictable, controllable roll making it easy to handle and adept at changing directions." (caradvice) "Can a car this affordable really deliver? The Skoda Rapid proves a resounding 'yes'. It's a well-made, reasonably well-equipped hatch that's both super practical and stylish." (caradvice) "Whichever engine is under the bonnet, the Rapid feels reasonably sure-footed, but it doesn't have the agility of a Ford Focus or VW Golf -- hardly surprising ...



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