Video - Skoda Rapid - New Skoda 2012 - Coming September 2012

Videa Škoda Rapid Skoda Rapid - New Skoda 2012 - Coming September 2012

Skoda Rapid - New Skoda 2012 - Coming September 2012

The new ŠKODA compact hatch -- often referred to in the past as the A-entry -- will be called the Rapid. The name was announced yesterday (23 April) at Auto China 2012 in Beijing. The car will make its debut in Europe before the end of this year, and a Chinese version will be built and sold in China from 2013. The concept car on display in Beijing previews the version that will be produced especially for the Chinese market. The UK version is expected to look almost identical to the MissionL concept shown at last year's Frankfurt International Motor Show (pictured here). The Rapid will sit between the Fabia and Octavia in the ŠKODA range, offering a family-orientated model in a segment that is growing in all markets around the world. "As part of its growth strategy, ŠKODA has initiated the largest model offensive in its corporate history and will bring a new vehicle to market every six months on average in the years ahead," said ŠKODA CEO Winfried Vahland in Beijing. "The Rapid is our next new model. It has a central importance for our growth and will provide us with a strong tailwind on international markets. "It perfectly embodies the brand's values: fresh design, functionality, roominess, ingenuity, and price-to-value ratio typical for our cars. It's an ideal car for families. Simply clever."



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