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Skoda Roomster 1.6 TDI Economy Test

Hello there. Today, I'm here with some new Skoda's stuff. Recently, I had some nice trip driving the newest Skoda Roomster. This "Style" version was also reinforced by the three special packages, which are; Trend, Sound, Family. It means that it was rich version with a lot of necessary and less important stuff. The engine under the bonnet was 1.6 TDI Common Rail DPF, 105 BHP, so the top diesel. But, let's get down to the core of this thread. Unfortunately, Roomster was equipped with winter tyres, what should be highlighted- they were very soft, and the temperature was rather high. Air conditioning steered by Climatronic was constantly turned ON, which was influencing the engine by stealing its stamina and torque. The terrain which I was driving through was very bumpy, literally. There was a lot of ebbs and flows. Velocity was't huge , but sometimes exceeded 110 km/h. You can see the average speed. As a matter of fact, it's not about the speed, but the consumption, which is rather decent like for a such type of car/body/chassis.

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