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Skoda SUPERB 2.0 (2003)

The first generation of the 'modern' Škoda Superb (B5, Typ 3U) manufacturered by Škoda Auto following it's acquisition by Volkswagen Group is effectively a rebadged Volkswagen Passat Lingyu - a four-door five-seat Passat saloon/sedan, but with a longer wheelbase that was derived initially for the Chinese market under the name Passat Lingyu, and rebadged ultimately under the Škoda marque for European markets. The Superb used the Volkswagen Group B5 PL45 platform from 1999 B5 Volkswagen Passat LWB, "long wheelbase" 10 centimetres (3.9 in) longer - which was produced by Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive. This Passat Lingyu appeared two years before the release of the European Superb, and, although now discontinued in the European market, is still available in the Chinese market, although now updated.[1]

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