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Space Violins is an e-violin duo. There are many reasons of the popularity. First of all, they beam on the stage. Both musicians play with an unimaginable energy, which jumps over to the audience. As a result of it every Space Violins performance ends up with enormous applause. Space Violins present various kind of music from folk until country. The band presents a different side of violin which makes the violin sound even more attractive. Space Violins was established in 1997. During this time the duo performed hundreds of times on different stages from music festivals through open air concerts to performances on the most famous ferries as a "guest entertainer". Space Violins perform on exhibitions, galas, company events and other enterprises. Space Violins performmostly as a duo, but for special requests the band played as trio, quartet, with a big band or with symphonic orchestras. Until now Space Violins accompanied: The Cors, Lou Bega and Chris Rea during their concerts. Space Violins works out a huge repertoire of popular songs which was prepared and arranged specially for the duo. From the songs variety the duo is able to prepare different entertainment shows. The first big success Space Violins celebrated with its first Irish Folk Show written by Michael Flatley "Lord of the Dance". To fulfil audience requests the duo prepared a Country songs repertoire. The new program consists of the most famous American stile "Swing". This music shows the most valuable features ...

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