Video - Tea Party responds to MSNBC smear piece - "Rise of the New Right"

Videa Škoda Fox Tea Party responds to MSNBC smear piece - "Rise of the New Right"

Tea Party responds to MSNBC smear piece - "Rise of the New Right" Go beyond what the media is telling you. Get the DVD that tells the story! This video is in response to MSNBC's "Rise of the New Right", a hit piece on the Tea Party movement. The show is designed to smear the Tea Party movement with "fringe" views and portray the populist conservative movement as "scary" to those who wish to join the rebellion against the rapid growth of government spending, higher taxes and the move towards Socialism. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Press Release - June 17th, 2010) Kitchen Table Patriots and national Tea Party groups lead a boycott of Dawn for funding MSNBC hit piece on Tea Party movement (Bucks County, Pennsylvania) -- Today a broad coalition of Tea Party groups fought back against a left-wing propaganda hit piece that aired on MSNBC on June 16th. The program "Rise of the New Right" was low-ball journalism at its worst. The program demonized and misrepresented the Tea Party movement. Chris Matthews and his Hardball program slandered the Tea Party movement, and misled the American people by distorting facts about the Tea Party movement, its motivations and it history. His editors selectively portrayed groups and individuals in the program in a bad light. Luke Livingston, Executive Producer of "Tea Party: The Documentary Film" responded, "If Chris Matthews really wants to know what moves conservatives to action, all he needs to do is watch Tea Party: The Documentary Film. (Tea Party Movie) Our documentary ...

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