Video - Thailand International Motor Expo 2009 - Final day views

Videa Škoda Popular Thailand International Motor Expo 2009 - Final day views

Thailand International Motor Expo 2009 - Final day views

The 26th Thailand International Motor Expo 2009 ended on Sunday evening after eleven busy days at Impact Arena in Muang Thong Thani and was judged an all-round success, a real shot in the arm for the Thai car industry as more than 25000 new cars and light commercial vehicles were ordered during the show. I'm back the very end of its run, the final day seeing the crowds peak as almost a fifth of the show's sales are booked on this day. There is more than just the myriad of OEM and trade stands in the Challenger Hall as outside enthusiasts gather for owners' get-togethers and modified, tuned and customised cars create mini light shows while pumping out sounds through a mass of speakers. In the end 25220 cars were sold at the show, beating pre-event estimates by 10000 units. Topping the list of the best-sellers was Japanese giant Toyota which took 7230 bookings, with Honda (4239) a distant second, while Isuzu (2539), Mazda (2277) and Mitsubishi (1518) rounded out the top-five most in-demand. All these are involved in the local car industry and the figures are boosted by sales of pick-up trucks which are very popular here. In sixth place, and the first non-Japanese carmaker, was Korea's Proton (1388) which doesn't benefit from either pick-ups or a local base; its new Exora MPV launched at the show accounted for nearly 60 percent of its orders over the last week-and-a-half. European brands fill out only a niche position here due to sky-high import duties, BMW with 415 sales ...

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