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The Midnight Beast Medium Pimpin Lyrics

no copyright intended lyrics [Verse 1] Now that we rolling in dough let's get a yacht with a bed But we don't have enough, let's buy a dinghy instead We want to drink Crystal but settled with soda We couldn't buy a Porsche, let's pimp out a Skoda, yeah Medium pimpin' living the dream Instead of caviar bitch, got vanilla ice cream Head in the world, just got numerous pounds We only travel first class on the underground [Hook 1] Medium pimpin', carbon wheels Moderately pimpin', fancy meals Averagely pimpin', sex appeal Medium pimpin' pimpin' pimpin' [Verse 2] Train to So-Ho, pick up some Ho Hoes Can only get a chat, not enough for a blow-blow Ha! Medium bitches hard to afford I shop so much at ASDA I'm sponsored by George We wanted some dancers but children were cheaper Got so much fucking money I could buy your sister Buy your mama, buy your papa Dress them up as animals and take a picture [Hook 2] Medium pimpin', chandelier Standardly pimpin', unlimited beer Mediocre pimpin', new career Medium pimpin' pimpin' pimpin' Now I am a rich man,nanananananana Medium pimpin', Medium pimpin' [Verse 3] Medium gangsta, medium height Optician told me I got medium sight Average pits with an average smell And downstairs pretty average as well Medium dance with a minimal beat Minimum clothes on medium seats Medium shoulders, minimal hands Spread your legs Lois Lane, I'm super medium man! [Hook 3] Medium pimpin', bronze shoes Moderately pimpin', bronze cane Averagely pimpin', bronze ...



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