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Videa Škoda 100 The New Skoda Octavia 2013

The New Skoda Octavia 2013

Engines began to offer a 1.2 TSI engine from 85 hp and continues through 105.140 and 180 hp strong unit. Diesel colors dams known 1.6 and 2.0-liter TDI engines 105-150 hp, while the weakest Greenline variant does not consume over 3.4 l/100 km. Cut consumption contributes most new modular platform on which they lie and Golf VII and the new Seat Leon, the Octavia that will be almost 100 kg lighter. Those looking for more power in the year in the Octavia RS will be able to choose between a powerful 210 hp petrol and 180 PS diesel engine. On the European markets will be offered and Octavia CNG fueled by natural gas, but the launch date and the arrival in the local market are still questionable. All models up to 150 hp at the rear will have a torsion axle and the stronger is mounted multi-link suspension. Czechs promise a starting price of 18000 euros, which sounds like an excellent price-performance ratio. Octavia combi followed a few months later, with a large trunk to 1700 liters.



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