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Videa Škoda 450 The trip of our life: Trailer

The trip of our life: Trailer

Trailer about the "The trip of our life" Trip in the last days of January 2013 with Andrea Ricelli, Fernando Martín, Serafino Ruffo and Alberto Aijón. One skoda, four friends, two thousands kilometres, five nation army xD, Six cities...lots of laughs....without Car insurance! First Stage: Budapest-Krakow 400 Kilometres Two Stage: Krakow-Poznan 450 Kilometres Third Stage: Poznan- Berlin 300 Kilometres Fourth Stage: Berlin-Prague 350 Kilometres Fifth Stage: Prague-Bratislava 350 Kilometres Sixth Stage: Bratislava- Budapes And of course.... if you see our travel in a map, the shape is a heart! the Europe's Heart.



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