Video - Ultimate Dubs 2012

Videa Škoda Pick-up Ultimate Dubs 2012

Ultimate Dubs 2012

My first time using a DSLR camera for video. (Borrowed Eos 500d, thanks Gareth) Pictures available here: A few shots from the night before of my car (The silver Golf Mk5) and then footage from the drive up to Telford, and from the show itself. Not much show footage unfortunately, 12gb of pictures/videos meant I didn't have much space left for the show itself, plus went through 2 power packs - lol. Edited using Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 - My first time using it.. I know there are a few issues with the editing at times (mainly at the Golf pickup truck V5 UTE) which I noticed when the video was originally rendered. I tried to fix these but when I went to re-render the video, it would always glitch out and I just left it. Any feedback welcome. I am a newbie after all. Hope you enjoy. Contactable through Youtube messaging, Flickr (xjay1337) or (xjay1337 as well) music is (in order) Reflection Eternal - Ballad of the Black Gold (intro) Late - Dreams Are DJ Shadow - Stem Long Stem MRSA - Different Drake - Waited (Instrumental)

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