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Videa Škoda SB Upper Gualey River Expeditions WVindikated

Upper Gualey River Expeditions WVindikated

The video mash-up of River Expeditions 15 minute made movie combined w/ my exclusive personal GoPro footage is a one of a kind- half way thru one strap came loose- so I got lucky. The Upper Gauley is ranked among the best whitewater runs in the world and certainly the most extreme rafting trip. This high impact adventure features big, technical rapids that demand precise maneuvering through steep drops, narrow chutes and crashing whitewater. Spectacular scenery and dramatic views highlight this intensely challenging trip. Enjoy exclusive access to the sunny side of Sweets Falls where hot, grilled lunch is served while you take a break and watch more rafting action. Previous rafting experience is highly recommended on this legendary trip.

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